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Furr Gatling Gun WTS, 1/3 scale

Bill in Bama

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I've decided to sell my Karl Furr built 1/3 scale Gatling Gun. I bought this from the widow of a good friend who purchased it new in about 1982 from the maker, Karl Furr.  According to Mr. Furr he made about 125 of these, but I'm not sure if he meant the 1/3 scale version or all.  He made them in 1/2, 1/3 and 1/6 scale, all working replicas.  This gun is a work of art, Mr. Furr and family made all the molds to pour the brass parts, machined the barrels and bolts, made the springs, and fashioned the wheels and carriage themselves.  It fires .22 short cartridges as this is what 1/3 scale dictated.  When I purchased the gun several years ago it had a missing bold and a broken piece on the traverse mechanism, and I sent it to Keith Furr for repair.  He had some bolts in stock but had to make some parts, and he repaired the traverse parts to new condition.  He also polished everything(I didn't send him the carriage) which accounts for the lustrous shine.  I made wooden boxes to carry the barrel/receiver assembly and the magazine, and a platform for the wheeled carriage to sit on.  These as well as the spare parts are included in the sale.  The gun fires, and everything is perfect to scale except the wheels which are smaller than would be accurate as Mr. Furr found exact scale wheels looked too large for the gun.  He used Colt's original blueprints to fashion the gun.  This is a semi-auto per ATF ruling, ten barrels fire consecutively with the turn of the crank.  Due to the size and weight I estimate the shipping at $150 and this is included in the price.  Ships to any FFL or I can arrange pickup and could possibly meet someone depending on destination.  I'm in NE Alabama.  $10,500.00 for everything including shipping.

Furr GG 8.jpg

Furr GG5.jpg

Furr GG 7.jpg

Furr GG 6.jpg

Furr GG 9.jpg

Gatling gun 3.jpg

Gatling gun 7.jpg

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