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WTS: FNC host gun + SH sear, F4, no burst, Folder. $13,750


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Excellent condition Howco import FNC folder.

It's marked for 3 round burst but doesnt currently have that installed.

Buyer pays actual shipping costs.

I have plenty of references in the MG world that can vouch for me etc so buy with confidence. Gun is in MS.

While this is not a distressed sale by any means I have priced it lower than any of the other FNCs I've seen recently on the board.

Selling it only to help fund purchase of a Lewis Gun.

Send me a private message or better yet  shoot me an email  - <my sturm user handle> at  G mail  dot com

$13,750. Firm. Form 4. I pay 1st stamp. No trades. 

Houston Hardin











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oh...the flash hider on it is my AAC one for my can I think. I'll replace that sucker with the native FNC one I still have for it.

Ive been asked about the bl length. I dont know. I'll measure it and post. Ive owned it since about 2013 as-is. I didnt cut it, etc.

Also I have a Stormwerkz rail that will be included. New, uninstalled.

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You are too kind Tall Pine...and no I'm not giving him commission . Hah!

Thanks for the added info. Shows you what I know and don't know about FNCs. I actually have two. The other has a longer barrel--I prob. should have listed it instead! oh well.

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