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WTS FN M240 M249 MK-46 parts and accessories

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Here is a list of the current M240/MAG-58 and M249 parts I have available all in New condition unless specified!
Here is what I have for you;
M68 Combat Gun Sight Aimpoint Comp M4s Sight as new with Rubber covers and Killflash  450.00  (These are 800.00 from Midway wholesale) 80,000 hour battery life) uses 1 AA Battery
M145 MG Optic Elcan for M249 or M240B as new with Killflash and camo Pouch 650.00
MK-46 rail handguard new 100.00
M192 tripod exc. complete for 240/249  875.00
M240/249 Flex Mount cradle with ammo can holder bracket for excellent condition M240/249  325.00
M240 Infantry barrel new complete 675.00
M240 Heat shield new in the box 75.00
M240 Gas regulator and collar new set 75.00
M240 bipod new 135.00
M240 top cover internal set complete 225.00
M249 Infantry barrel new 20" Length with heat shield 225.00
M249 Infantry 20 inch barrel Exc. 135.00
M240 or M249  heat shields individually new, 75.00
M249 Short Para Barrel new with Heat shield 225.00
M240 RARE Right hand feed top cover complete for 240 new 525.00
M240 RARE Right hand feed tray 240  125.00
M240 Left feed top cover complete with Optic M145 Elcan  rail all new 240  450.00
M240 Left feed  tray for 240 new 100.00 
M240 Bolt, new stripped 200.00
M240 Ejector set 65.00
<240/M249 Tripod Pintle for M122 or 1919 type mounts 75.00
M240 Complete Bolt and Op-Rod with firing pin, and connector for 240 425.00
M249 Complete Bolt and Op-Rod carrier group for 249 575.00
M249 Recoil spring for 249 35.00
M249 Recoil Buffer spring drive rod 249 100.00
M240 Recoil spring rod group  complete for 240 50.00 
M249 Top cover repair parts kit 249 150.00
M240 Top Cover repair kit 240 150.00
M240 Complete trigger group all new 240  225.00
M240 Firing Pin , new 50.00
M249 Firing Pin and spring 35.00
M249 Complete Trigger group  all new 249  225.00
M240 Complete new Bipod 240 125.00
M249 New type improved 249 Bipod upgrade 150.00
M249 Charging handle for 249 new 90.00
M240 Charging handle for 240 new 100.00
M249 New feed tray for 249 100.00
M240 Ejector set,3 parts  new  65.00
M249 Trigger group new sear 35.00
M240 Trigger group new sear 40.00
M249 Combo Tool new 20.00
M240 Combo tool does it all.Extractor changing, carbon cleaning etc.35.00
M240 Sight adjustment tool 35.00
M240 Belt drum attaches to side, camo , new 75,00
M249 Blank adapter new M249 25.00
M240 Blank adapter new M240 25.00
M240/249 Padded Sling with QD Hooks 35.00
M240/249 Spare barrel bag new, with built in heat pad and many pockets for the tools and accessories  75.00
M240 Ejection port cover and pin, new  40.00
M240 Buttstock complete used exc. Hydraulic version 150.00
M249 Fixed Hydraulic Buffer stock exc. 115.00
M249 Hydraulic Buffer Stock new 150.00
M249 Rare Collapsible slide out early HK Style stock as new 200.00 
M249 Ejection port cover with pin 40.00
M249 Magazine side door and pin 50.00 
M249 Charging handle stop 30.00
M249 Takedown pin Bottom 25.00
M249 Large Takedown pin Top 35.00
M240 Top Cover Hinge pin, new type 45.00
M249 Top cover hinge pin 3 part set 50.00
M240 Belt feed pawl set, new complete 75.00 (Must have spare)
M249 Standard Bipod, as new 75.00
M249 3 rail KAC Handgaurd new 85.00
M249 Gas tube 125.00
M240 gas tube 300.00
M240 Barrel change assembly lock set 65.00
M240 trigger group pin 40.00
M249 Bolt complete with extractor all new 150.00
M249 Bolt carrier slide complete with Roller 150.00
M249 Op-Rod new complete 150.00
M240 Flash Hider, new 40.00
M249 Voretex newest type 50.00
M240 Voretex newest type 60.00
This will give you a great spare parts set for all your potential needs and fun.
will figure shipping as for what all you want
Paypal to this email as a Gift or add 3% or Check to me at :

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