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SOLD: Smith & Wesson Blued .357 Cylinder from S&W Model 27 in EXC + condition

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Have a spare Smith & Wesson Blued .357 Cylinder from a N frame S&W Model 27 in excellent plus condition that I was going to convert to .44 Special by Clements Custom Guns but never did so it is still caliber .357  for sale $125 shipped NOW $100 shipped SOLD

S&W revolvers can be converted to several different calibers. .357 to .44 Special, .41 Magnum to .45 Colt, .44 Magnum to .45 Colt, etc. Factory barrel is rebored and cylinder linebored and rechambered. Endshake set to minimum. Barrel is refitted to frame after rebore to improve barrel/cylinder gap, recrowned, and forcing cone cut to 11 degrees. The cylinder can also be converted on the M27 & 28 to .45 ACP or 10mm/.40 S&W and both would use moon clips.




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We had a hurricane name Delta hit Port Arthur, Texas on Friday around 2:15 PM and I have been without electrical power till This Tuesday evening till 7:30PM. If you still want to purchase it is available for you. I accept cash, cashiers check, postal money order or PayPay as gift to family or friends so Pay Pal does not subtract service fees from amount sent to my PayPal account rstutes@gt.rr.com

Thank you,

Rodney Stutes

6910 Pine Top Road 

Port Arthur, Texas 77642

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