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M1 to M2 Carbine conversions? Good and bad?

Sid Post

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I have been looking 'off and on' for either a 'good' M1 Carbine or a registered M1 conversion to full-auto.  With M1 Carbines getting so expensive, the urge to start looking for an M2 again is increasing.

What are the basic pro's and con's of shooting an M1 versus M2?  I have other full-auto's so this won't be my only one.  This would be somewhat redundant with a 9mm SMG.

I see prices all over the place.  The Plainfield versions used to be ~$6k~$7k but, my understanding is that they had soft receivers.  Then there are the Infield conversions which I am a bit skeptical of after seeing some Inland M1's in person.  Then we move into the WWII vintage conversions in all their various forms which seem to run $9K~$12K in general.

What is good and bad in an M2 Carbine conversion?




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I love the M2 Carbine so much that I couldn't get by with just one. :D

Having both a registered receiver M2 and a registered trigger pack, here are my thoughts...

Pro --- Ammo availability: I can find half a dozen deals on .30 Carbine in just a couple of minutes. Try doing that with 9mm, 45 ACP, 5.56 or 7.62 right now.  I never thought I'd see the day when .30 Carbine was cheaper and more readily available than 9mm. 

Pro --- Cost: The M2 Carbine is (or was) significantly cheaper than a lot of full auto rifles and submachineguns. At the time I bought my first M2, it was the best deal on the market. 

Pro --- Fun as hell to shoot: My mom and cousin, both of whom are not really "gun people", love to shoot my M1 and M2s. 

Pro and Con --- Durability: A registered trigger pack is hell for stout. I've heard that M2 receivers can crack rather easily. 

Con --- Reliability: My M2s run like scalded cats, other people have reported problems with their M2s. I think most problems are magazine related.

Con --- Lack of Variety: The M2 is a one trick pony.

Con --- Magazines: Some of the 30 round magazines are overpriced and under-performing. The 15 rounders go way too quickly on full auto. 

My advice...

For the budget minded shooter, go with a good USGI registered receiver M2. You'll save some coin by going this route.

For a hardcore addict, spend the extra coin and get a registered trigger pack.

In Liberty,


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3 minutes ago, Thumpy said:

Kristopher you keep saying all these good things about m2s your going to make my bank account slimmer bahahaha 

What's even worse, is that if I keep talking about M2s, I am going to my own bank account slimmer. :D 

Ruben Mendiola told me I'd enjoy the M2 I bought from him. Biggest. Understatement. Ever. 

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Pro's and con's

They both are fun to shoot, ammo and mags are the only concern on how they function. Stick with the 15rd mags, on ammo surplus lc and even some modern 30 carbine I pickup up at CMP runs very well, (its a little dirty but functions great) are what Im using right now.

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