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How many aks where converted by swd?


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There were a lot less AK's in the US before the May 1986 MG build cut-off (Hughes Amendment- HR4332).   Steyr imported Maadi's, Kassnar imported SA-85's, Chicom's in both 7.62 and .223, Mitchel imported Yugo AK47 & RPK-47, and a few others.....plus some "bubba builds" from hand folded receivers and parts kits (I assume). 

Up until the ban, a full auto Colt M16 was cheaper than an AR-15. No Poly Legends in US until after 1986. I once owned a rewelded Type 56-1 milled receiver RR, which was expertly reassembled following three strategically placed clean band-saw cuts....... Most of the transferable conversions out there today are Chicom guns, largely done by SWD and Fleming, among others........

Anybody seen any others....please list them   Good question.




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There was a company by the name of SWC here in Wilmington, NC that converted who knows how many back in the 80's.  At the time the movie studio established by Dino De Laurentis was quite active and SWC did some of the movie gun rentals.  There have been a couple of SWC guns questioned here and I put the owners in contact with Sam Allen, one of the original partners in SWC.  Sadly, Sam was killed not long ago in a motorcycle accident.  I think he was actually sitting still at a red light in his Ural sidecar rig when he got smacked.  One of the reasons I don't ride much anymore.

Kevin in NC

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