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NEED HELP reassembling HK burst trigger pack


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Youtube will be your friend. I watched the two-part video showing disassembly and reassembly of the burst pack, no need to send out. I would not mind one day taking my S,1,3,FA apart while watching the video and putting the pack back together. Good luck and look it up!


Let us know...

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I appreciate the referrals to you tube, but these 75 year old hands shake too much to get the job done.  John Wayne said it all when he said..." a man must know his limitations!".  There comes a time in one's life where paying for a service highly exceeds macho attempts.  In the past, I usually got gunsmithing jobs where the owner tried to do it first himself.  I learned from their mistakes.  Isn't there a HK technician somewhere that I can pay and repent in leisure?


A special hello to all my friends from the old days.  Nice to see you are still out there kicking :-)

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