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WTS: HK MP5K – N Sear Ready SBR Navy model on a F3

Dscheid NFA Investments

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In stock, new and ready to go!

New since conversion, MP5K Navy. This is Sear ready.

TPM Outfitters did the work for me.

Built from a beautiful SP89, “KD” date code. Semi auto/Sear Ready

Remarked to “MP5K N”

Flapper mag release, the good one - non rattle!

German Date code “K Grip”

RCM Threaded / 3 Lug barrel w/thread protector

Ambi 4 position pictogram lower with Extended Safety Lever (ESSL)

Choate side folding stock

German carrier milled to full auto specs

German date code magazine

A beautiful example of a “K” gun and at the time I had 2 Factory MP5K’s (one was a Navy model) to compare the work against. TPM really did these correct.

$7850 is a shipped price via Priority Mail w/Tracking Number

(build cost was: the price of the SP89 + conversion to K + barrel ambi lower + new side folder + k-grip + ESSL + shipping costs) but it was all worth it, stunning!!!






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