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Sold Pending Funds-Colt M16A1 with M-4 upper & Colt SMG Conversion $23,995.00

Brent Bowman

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Sold Pending Funds-Nice Colt M16A1 for sale on Form 4 in Idaho for $23,995.00. Price includes newer Colt 14.5" M-4 upper with bolt carrier group, and complete all Colt Sub Machine Gun Conversion with 8 Colt 30 round magazines, Colt SMG buffer, Colt Mag Well Block, and Colt Magazine Loader. The 9 mm SMG upper was purchased new and has been fired very little.

Also included are the original M16A1 upper receiver (pretty much stripped except forward assist, sights, and ejection port cover), four 30 round Colt M16 Magazines, one $200.00 transfer fee and shipping to your dealer. Original Colt handguards that came with the M-4 upper are also included. The M-4 Colt upper shown on the gun has been test fired only. 

I have owned this gun since 1999 and it has been my favorite firearm all this time, but I have not shot it very much, maybe 2000 rounds at most in all of these years. The gun is supposed to have come from a Police Department somewhere and has an unusual hole in the front of the magazine well that supposedly served some purpose in the PD, but I am not sure what the purpose was.

Please contact me with any questions at cell/text 208-484-1583, or email me at hct@audiologyshop.com

Thank you,

Brent Bowman



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New price 09/14/20
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