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WTS: Original Colt Gov't 380 7rd & 6rd Mags and Chopped 1911 Parts

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Some Rare Goodies! Being sold ONLY on Sturm !

I Have:

2 - Original Factory New Colt 7 round Blue Magazines for the 380 Government and the 

      Mustang Plus II  Models. ( one is still on the card the other I took off just to see how it fit my 380.)

1 - Original Factory lightly Used 6 round Blue Magazine for the smaller Mustang or Pony. (It has very, very,

      minor wear on the follower and two tiny surface rust spots on the body that I can probably rub out

      with a rag and oil.)

       The three Mags all have the : Pony, "M", and Colt .380 Auto. on the base plates. they are not

       the aftermarket junk selling on Fleabay for almost $40 each! 

I need to get $114 shipped Priority Mail for all 3 magazines ,

 (I know all 3 do not fit in the larger pistol, but that's life...)


I also have some cut up parts of Colt 1911 .45 belonging to the US Army. These are all

scrap parts that do not match. Every single part is from a different piece. Even though

I have the slide pieces lined up for the pic, none are matching, and the pieces are just laying next to each other.

The front and back of each slide is not attached in any way or form. They are just laid out neatly.

and none of the front pieces came from the back pieces. What you see there looks like four slides.

But it is actually 8 pieces from 8 different slides. Just to be clear...  So, Seal them in clear plastic

and create a bunch of paper weights!  Or use them as guides for engraving your Colt Army 1911 Clone build!

$30 Shipped to lower 48 for the lot of parts...

First Person to Message me gets the items they want. But Payment will be required by PayPal right away. 

If you want to buy today and pay tomorrow or next weekend, let's not waste each others time...









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