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No law letter Post May Samples?

Rick Kuehl

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On 8/14/2020 at 7:17 AM, Rick Kuehl said:

I'm an SOT with some posties to sell and I intend to give up my SOT at the end of this year.

I've never transferred a post may gun before let alone one without a law letter. How do I go about making a transfer without a law letter?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I am not an FFL/SOT but I want to play one on TV. :D

From the NFA Handbook:



Section 14.3 Disposition of “post-86 machineguns.” Section 479.105(f) requires the FFL/SOT going out of business to transfer machinegun(s) manufactured after May 19, 1986 to a Federal, State or local government entity, qualified manufacturer, qualified importer, or, subject to the provisions of 479.105(d), to a qualified dealer. The transfers must be completed prior to the FFL/SOT going out of business. The transfer to a government entity would be on Form 5 and the transfer to a qualified manufacturer, importer, or dealer would be on Form 3.

The transfer of a machinegun manufactured after May 19, 1986 to a qualified manufacturer or qualified importer can be done without the ‘law enforcement letters of interest’ when the possessing FFL/SOT is going out of business. That fact that the transferring FFL is discontinuing business must be documented with the submission of the transfer applications. Transfer of a machinegun manufactured after May 19, 1986 from an FFL/SOT going out of business to a qualified dealer requires compliance with section 479.105(d). The FFL/SOT going out of business may also choose to destroy the machinegun(s), transfer them to State or local government agencies, or abandon them to ATF or State or local government agencies. If the firearms will be destroyed, ATF’s Firearms Technology Branch can be contacted for procedures to properly destroy a machinegun. Once the destruction has been accomplished, notify the NFA Branch of the destruction in writing, including a description of the machinegun(s) and the means of destruction. For abandonment to ATF, contact the local ATF office.

The Handbook can be viewed at: https://www.atf.gov/firearms/national-firearms-act-handbook




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