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Hey Mike Todd


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I got a couple pics of mg 34 drums and carrier, can you say if they are mg15 or 34? Also, another box, I'm not sure if its german or not. Also, a couple wrenches I think are for the MG34 but am not sure. One type of German or Russian stock, last 2 pics. I will put some pics below.








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I'm not Mike.. but I want to be like Mike.  :D

If you had provided photos of the back of the drums, I could possibly give you a idea.  But.. from the side profile, seeing the top lip stick out.. you can see rivets sticking out.  Because of those 4 rivots on each drum, I would say those are MG15 double drum magazines.

That is pretty sweet that you got those.  I would love to have one of those drums.. let alone 3 in a carrier!  Do you hate the top cover for them?

As for the wrench I would say that is a MG34 wrench.

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All MG15.  I have an MG34 drum, and the difference is quite obvious on the back, your friends would have also tried to pry it from you long ago.  Then you need the adjusting tool and correct latch.  Bergflak.com already has a bunch of pics, so no need to reinvent the wheel.  Patronentrommel 34.  There are at least a dozen drums, but so far only a couple  carriers (PT 34) have surfaced.   MG15 carriers like pictured are somewhat common.  HTH

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when we went to china to choose the 2 migs we bought, I went on a "tour" of the storage area and got to fondle all the goodies in the so called show room.  they had a couple of each item in storage on display.  I had never seen the pistol or bayo/stock and spent some time with it. they were offered in quantity for less than $5.00 U.S. when we were ready to leave , one of the officers gave me a large leather pouch that had all the info on the 2 planes  and i didnt look inside.  on the long trip home I decided to look the books over and found one of the BAYO's wrapped in the bottom!  he had taken note of my interest and thought I might enjoy ?  for a couple years I showed it off trying to think of some use and a SOT asked me to leave it for a while to see what he could come up with. several times I called to get it back and only got some lame story. around 2 years later at a PHX SAR show there it sat on a table with a full auto RUGER Mk11 suppressed pistol priced at $10k. the owner had bought it from that same SOT jerk with a fantastic story to back it up about some CIA BULL. until now it was the only example , i had seen or heard of this side of the world.

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YES, WE bought 2 , 1 RUSSIAN AND ONE CHINESE .  all this stuff was at a combo airbase ./ storage facility. it was a bit confusing and time has passed but this is as close as I can get the story these days. our main contact was the owner of all the stuff that KENGS FIREARMS was selling here in the states. as a layman, I was shocked to see PLYWOOD and the lack of sophistication in a AIRCRAFT considered the top of the line for comm block forces in the 70's. we needed interpreters for coms etc. while there we looked at examples of everything they had on base. most were type 56 AK's , and SKS along with several containers of the TAIWAINESE full auto M-14 (these were ALL being converted to semi only or US sales and NOT offered as is )they had most all the handguns and some subguns , but not near as many. there were several separate work shops for a specific project on base. in another area they had semi auto versions of all the assault rifles and all the stuff for US only was separated   there is only 1 other RUSS mig in the free world and I dont know how many CHINESE.  this base was apprx 125 miles from the place they were to be packed in containers and we paid extra for them to be trucked from base to the pack area.  when the plans landed at SAN PEDRO , I went and met the customs to open the containers and almost passed out. the CHINESE as first. NO LOG BOOKS and the landing gear/ along with one wing was damaged and HUGE ropes were still tied all over. it took all most as week to learn what happened and we needed the logs in order to meet civil air patrol inspection and readiness .  we learned in order to pocket the transportation costs, the commander went to a local prison and used condemed prisoners to drag it the 100+ miles down the hwy !  I was not involved in any of the paper work and found out they were sending 2 complete NOS power units with have virgin logs. I was not all that interested in the AIRCRAFT , but it was CURTS main reason of existence. I believe he gave me the freedom with the guns in order to play pilot more. the hanger was at DEER VALLEY AIRPORT in PEORIA , AZ.  Sundays all the hotdog pilots did the "BRUNCH" at a restaurant 2 stories high with all glass over looking the runway start . CURT wanted to "taxi" it from hanger to start and let everyone see us get out and walk in to eat so we did and as we were walking in he said that little jaunt to and from cost close to $700 in fuel !! he had sued the GOVT to get his license back , won but needed a full physical every 90 days and could have no passengers in flight . as far as I know that was the last time the plane was ever lit up. 

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