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Taking care of our own


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We have a long time member in excellent standing  here that has contributed a lot to this board and the machine gun community for decades. We have become hard and fast friends over the last couple of years. Like  everyone at one time or another we've had our spats, but never abandoned the friendship.

I'd like to ask anyone who knows Mike Todd to send out a shout out via this board either via private message or on this board publicly.

Mike and I are 2  fixed in their ways, hard headed old farts that say what we mean and mean what we say, sometimes we say too much, but are both also very private people. We hate asking for help and both would rather suffer in silence.

I don't want to betray a confidence or make him pissed at me, but Mike is not doing well. That's all I will say on this. Please send Mike a friendly shout out and let him know we appreciate all he's done for us and wish him well.

I can't say any more about this, but you'll understand afterwards.

Semper Fi Brother Mike

We love you here at Sturm,


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I talked to Mike the past 2 days on the phone and his spirits are good. He's still giving me advice even today when I asked him a receiver question about an Aug. He says "Matt you don't want that thing it won't work as a good spare" He's a book full of knowledge and he's still keeping me in line....

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Mike definitely is good person.  He even send me PM advice whether I ask for it or not, which I am grateful for. I've very new to the MG world.

I know a bit about what is going on with him, on the surface. It won't be a fun road for him.. I truly will pray that he recovers quickly.

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Thank you Kris. 

You and your generation are the ones who will carry the torch for the future of this country and everything that is good.

Share your knowledge, keep your word, teach your children right.

And one day you will be the one writing the emails for the next run of old guys.

We were the future, but our time has passed.

Your turn now.

God bless you and this country



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