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Thermal Weapon Scope ATN

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We have two thermal demo scopes for sale .  These have been used as demos at shows but have NEVER been used (fired) on a weapon.

1.  ***** ATN UNIT SOLD *****

 ATN ThOR-HD, 640x480 Sensor, 1.5-15x Thermal Smart HD Rifle Scope w/WiFi, GPS TIWSTH642A


We are selling this scope for $2900.00 shipped 

2.   *****  FLIR UNIT SOLD  **** 

FLIR ThermoSight PTS233 Pro 1.5-6x19 Thermal Weapon Sight  60 Hz, Digital Multi-Reticle


FLIR has discontinued manufacturing thermal weapon scopes for the public and is now only building thermal scopes for the military and government agencies. FLIR still supports and/or services all FLIR weapon scopes.



**SOLD**  We are selling this package for $1900.00 shipped with insurance.  **SOLD**


All ITAR and EXPORT LAWS will be followed.


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FLIR is still on hold. We had the hurricane ( IEASHEA or whatever ) here in NC last week and my customer ( who lives here in Eastern NC as well) has no contacted me yet. Out of courtesy, I'm holding the FLIR until this weekend (14/15 August). Thanks 

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