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Pre-May Browning 1919 Package

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Pre-May 86 Dealer Sample Browning 1919 package.  This is on my books on a form 3 and I efile.  As pre-May 86 guns, this is a keeper if you give up your license (which you probably already knew).  I am in New Mexico and willing travel to deliver the Browning and all its associated stuff as far as the Arizona, Colorado or Texas borders as shipping would be expensive but if you pay for shipping, I will box it up and ship it for you.

Browning M37/1919 - This a Browning 1919 in an A4 configuration, built by Saginaw Steering in 1943.  I received this from a dealer who purchased it direct from InterAmerican in the early 1980s (I have a copy of the original paperwork).   Runs both cloth belts and links; runs well.  Sale price includes the following:

 - MAG58/M240/M249 Israeli Tripod with adapters (easier to sit behind and beats laying in the dirt).
 - 8mm barrel
 - Spare .30-06 barrel in issued case.
 - Colt hand crank loader for cloth belts
 - 10+ new cloth belts of 100 and 250 round capacity.
 - 8-10 cloth belts of reloads that I know nothing about and would highly suggest you strip them from the belts and toss the reloads.
 - 1750 rounds of Lake City .30-06 in disintegrating links with tracers (every fifth round).
Asking $15,000 14,500 $13,750 obo for everything.  Serious about selling.  Dog not included.

You can contact me here, via email at Nathan@sandiafirearms.com or phone at 505.317.5150












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sorry but I cant resist cutting in on your post. those holes in the sideplate just allow the slide for retracting assembly used in a tank gun, nothing close to what a M-37 would be. all the main operating parts of a M-37 will not work in a 1919 with making some changes. no harm/ no foul as it is   cheers mike

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