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MG40 built into a period correct Stinger


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I purchased this gun :
Morphy's Auction MG40

to build a Stinger as an experimental history project.   The project is done, so I'm putting it up for sale.  I dont care if it sells or not, but as a dealer I must make a token effort to sell the guns I buy, or suffer the consequences of being my own best customer.  The gun as received was total nonfunctional garbage.  The only parts not replaced by me are the trunnion, top, bottom and side plates. 

Below are the videos documenting the process, and as you can see they are only a week old and the gun now runs like a sewing machine! 
Included in the sale is a spare shroud w/complete booster,  barrel, barrel extension, and complete bolt all in great condition.   All of the markings are hidden under the (period correct) camo paint(paint is just rattle can, can be easily stripped off)  To see detailed pics of the markings follow the Morphy's link. It is also my understanding from the Morphy' description that this is NOT a C&R gun.  The top cover with the carry handle welded to it has been thrown away and replaced with a NOS top cover.  The only "permanent" work done was welding the sights in place.  There is no welding or modification to either of the side plates.

Price is $17K delivered. Will transfer to your dealer on a form3 via efile.







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