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WTS: New Bulgarian AK-74 mags

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Good afternoon all, I have for sale new Bulgarian magazines. They may look like the ones you see floating around for $15 a pop, but these have an additional steel liner around both the front and rear lugs. So in total, they have steel reinforced feed lips, front/rear lugs, and baseplate.

To answer questions preemptively:

-YES, these are indeed steel lined.

-The followers and the base locking pad are brown as per military requirements in order not to be mistaken in the heat of the battle with 7.62x39 magazines.

-The magazines are made in Bulgaria by a private company with experience of more than 20 years in manufacturing military grade magazines and other AK related parts. The main customers are different government agencies in the world and private citizens in the US and other countries.

-Manufactured by a company that holds a NATO registration number, and is an approved supplier. This means that they did the paperwork and sent their products out to a quality office in order to get such approvals.

-These magazines are backed by a lifetime function warranty (abuse/wear and tear is not covered here. Common sense applies, so as such I have to say that it is at my discretion)

As for the pricing tier:

$20 Per magazine or $19/mag for seven or more and free shipping. Marines with proof of service can buy these at a discount, PM for info.

Proof of service can be A DD214 WITH social edited out, VA card, IRR ID, or something along those lines.

Shipping will be whatever the actual cost is, odds are I will be stuffing them into flat rate boxes. I accept paypal, paysend, and CashApp. In the past, I have been successful in putting 7 mags in a USPS flat rate padded envelope. It would be $9 to get the flat rate envelope shipped for less than seven mags at a time.





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