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WTS: General Motors ANM2 .30 Price reduced!


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This is a C&R re weld made by the the Brown Lipe-Chapin division of General Motors. .30-06 cal, cloth belt fed (complete .303 components as a second cal are available at extra cost.) Headspaced and timed. Refinished. Matching numbers left & right side plates, bottom plate and hinged top cover. Excellent, like new condition. Test fired perfectly. Gun is complete and ready to go. $21,000 We are an SOT.PRICE REDUCED TO 18,000.00!  Will consider interesting partial trades.

ANM2 1.jpg

ANM2 4.jpg




ANM2 7.jpg

ANM2 8.jpg

ANM2 9.jpg

ANM2 10.jpg

ANM2 11.jpg

ANM2 12.jpg

ANM2 17.jpg

ANM2 18.jpg

ANM2 19.jpg

ANM2 20.jpg

ANM2 21.jpg

ANM2 16.jpg

ANM2 14.jpg

ANM2 15.jpg

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I am not exactly sure the just how of this started in the registry. The firearm came to me years ago for repairs and I really didn't think too much of its' beginnings. At the time the inner trunnion/barrel area was messed up with a chunk of metal missing where the barrel slides in. Additionally from this area a crack developed and spreading across the right side plate extending downward to the lower rivets. A closer look showed this area to be previously welded. Paper work has it listed as a Brown-Lipe-Chaplin.  I replaced the trunion. If you might have any clarification I am interested.


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Thanks for the info. No way of really knowing cause of original damage to trunnion and sideplate and the welding done previous to your acquiring the gun. And from what you say, then, there's no reason, then to believe that the gun is not an original receiver and therefore correctly C+R eligible. In my experience, the Chapin marked guns are quite scarce amongst the number of registered, original ANM-2 .30s. The majority are Buffalo with some Colt MG40s, too.
Gun looks good. FWIW

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Interestingly, the left side plate, bottom plate and hinged cover have matching stamped serial numbers on their inside surfaces.Matching the registered serial number given by BLC on  the right side plate. You're also correct with the spelling of Chapin- as it is on the sideplate. I copied how it is spelled (Chaplin) on the Form 4 dated 1991. Obviously this is incorrect. Thank you for your comments.

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M2HB’s and M1 carbine barrels in terms of firearms at the time that ANM2’s were made.

Back in the earliest days the Lipe shop was like a maker space where inventors used the machine shop to make the first transmissions, smith corona typewriters, farm equipment, really interesting to see the big names that started there.


Later it was home to a shotgun manufacturer as well. I believe it was LC Smith, but not certain off the top of my head. The old company safe is still there with the hand painted name on it. I should get a picture of it. Very cool unto its own.

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