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SWD M11 - 9mm SMG - $8100 - REDUCED PRICE


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Very nice SWD. It has been shot, but very, very, little. And more importantly, it has not been altered in any way. Look at the pics.

Gorgeous. If you need references, call Curt Higgins at S&H or Ruben and ask about Curt Nichols

I need $200 earnest money to start the transfer. The balance is due upon NFA approval  to your dealer. 

$50 Shipping and Handling. 



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Price Drop
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I am distributor for DeSantis holster Co. since 2001
I sell MAC,UZI etc shoulder rigs with double mag pouch.

Perhaps one of these products, included in your offering would help sell.
These are in stock at my location. Please email me directly if interested.

Ivan Shapiro
Northern Maine Tactical Supply

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This is a weird one. A guy emailed me thru Sturm and told me he would take it. I told him to send a 1000 down and the transferring dealer.
I get a money order for $1K. No dealer info. No phone number. I write him back thru Sturm. No answer. Do it 5 times. I write the administrators and ask them to contact him thru his real email and phone. They do and no answer. I have written a letter to the return address on envelope and no answer. I am a little baffled on this one. I will keep your contact info if it definitely falls thru. I am hoping he is not hurt or got the Covid or something bad. 
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Do you think the money order is legit? I heard some money orders can be faked, and can take a few weeks before your bank gets the funds withdrawn back against it. So beware of the funky convenience store money orders.

You could deposit it and get that clock started, but don't issue a refund until you know for sure its cleared your bank for good. Confirm it with your bank manager. That's another classic scam...you give a refund on something you think cleared your bank but it later comes back denied to your bank. We had a case with one that took 2-3 weeks before the supposed issuer (a payday loan outfit) realized the money order was bogus and never honored it.

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