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WTS: PreMay Madsen M-50 SMG - Sale $4200

EleyArms LLC

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I have this one for $4200 plus $50 to ship. Serial number is FAP650.

The Madsen M-50, 1950 or M/50 is a 9mm submachine gun introduced in 1950. It was produced by the Danish company Dansk Industri Syndikat of Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was otherwise known as Madsen after its founder Vilhelm Herman Oluf Madsen. The M-50 has a unique clamshell design that opens up by removing the barrel nut. Cycle rate is 550 rnds/min. Uses 32 round straight stick mags. 2 mags provided. The gun for sale is the one pictured below. Form 3 Efile apps are currently taking 1-3 days. This is a keeper for retiring SOTs.
First to commit by email or text gets it.

Jim Eley, EleyArms, Columbus OH 43235 email: guns@eleyarms.com  text: 614-537-3539.




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