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An Introduction

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Howdy All,

I have not been very active on this board but have bought and sold since the mid 90's here and on that other board. I wanted to introduce myself and share some bad news about a brother enthusiast. Jeff Koch of Missouri, Dallas, and DC passed away about 1-1/2 years ago. He left behind his wife and his daughter who was born just a few months after his passing. I am helping his widow liquidate his collection of firearms, ammo, and accessories. There are about 20 machine guns, 20 suppressors, pistols, rifles, ammo, tripods, magazines, and accessories. The mg's will be transfered to my FFL and then marketed. The suppressors will sell directly from the estate with my assistance. For the rest I would prefer local pickup in the DFW Metroplex (especially ammo and tripods). I will post mg's here when the inbound transfers are compete. In the meantime, I would be glad to hear from folks in the local area that might be interested in ammo, tripods, and title 1 firearms. I'll be posting them shortly.


Mike Leonard, Firearms Enthusiast

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NO WORRIES, not scooping I just want a shot at any tough parts or ammo. old habits are tough to break and we need support for several over worked guns we shoot endlessly. we can make most anything in mounts etc in house so the hitch mount is safe from me. I could make you one in short order that would look GI , but the freight would kill ya

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HITCH mounts sound neat at first, and do work but in actually restrict how you get around. mine has not seen any use in about 10 yrs or so.  I built several custom mounts for movie production crews and folks over the years and have tried most anything. MY first build was a dual horse shoe base that sat on a front bumper spare for a jeep. it took a cradle made for my 20mm LAHTI and worked great for right and left or backwards if the windshield was folded. but stand alone is the only way to go for me these days.

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