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This is why I do business on Sturm ...

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   I have bought and sold many many parts  .... not one single negative transaction here on Sturm.... the quality and the character of the members on these boards continues to impress me.....

   So what leads me to today’s post? .... well, I have transferable UZI which I’ve had for some time... I took it out of the box new and am the only person who ever shot it. It has a three lug barrel on it and I wanted an original correct IMI barrel ... looked for a good while for One with no luck. After some time , it’s Mike Todd @mike todd to the rescue... we work out a good trade for a barrel and nut...the package arrives and Mike being Mike, felt the need to send an additional set ..perfect clean 1980s surplus... now where else does things like that happen? Maybe I’m just lucky, but  the boards have been good to me....Thanks Mike for your kindness and making my day. 




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Yup mike is top notch an amazing guy. I don’t even have words to explain how much he’s helped me since I got on this forum Truthfully an amazing guy I probably sent him enough pms and emails to drive him crazy he always gives me a ton of info a storys and advice on what ever I asked him about. I hope to run in to him in person some day just to thank him and shake his hand for all the help he’s givin me.

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I 3rd that motion about Mike Todd being a GREAT guy! I was finally getting around to sending my Aug stuff off to Pete to have him set it up for both 9mm and .223. I was missing the full auto trip for the 9mm carrier and Pete did NOT have any and he didn't think he was going to EVER get anymore in? Mike said, "no problem Matt, I'll just send Pete a whole NEW complete bolt and carrier with the trip he needs." Mike had absolutely nothing to gain for helping basically a total stranger in Toledo Ohio, me..... The world could definitely use more Mike Todd's. Not because he offered to do it, not because he did it with nothing to gain, But because he's a man of his word and a stand up guy!

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On 5/6/2020 at 7:31 AM, mheck said:

I was finally getting around to sending my Aug stuff off to Pete

Is Pete still in business? Is he still doing Aug conversions?

I have a transferable AUG A1 that I’m trying to convert to A3. I haven’t been able to reach him.

Does anyone else reputable work on AUGs?

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I talked to Pete this morning on the phone for a bit... He wanted me to tell anyone that's asking, that he is doing fine. He's been unable to get any parts from Steyr as they're not making any right now. He has had ALOT of stuff on order from them for QUITE a few months and they will not answer him as to when or if they're going to make any more parts to even send him.. As far as anyone else that works on Aug's, I can't answer that... I personally would ONLY send my stuff to Pete.

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