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WTS: 25mm Puteaux AT cannon


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It saddens me greatly, I had not planned on ever selling this, but dragging it all the way to Maine is not an option.

We don't have room to store it at the new house.

The cannon has been stored inside since I've owned it. It's in excellent condition. Original Puteaux data plate is intact along with the Finnish S.A. plate. 

The bore is 99%, shiny. no pits.

Original flash hider included.

I have a nice US Artillery scope that I will throw in the deal. Needs mounting collars manufactured.(Ohio Ordnance)

The only issue is the right wheel needs to be trued, it has a slight bend in it which does not affect the operation of the piece. I have 4 rounds of original ammo that comes with it and some processed primer assemblies.

It is on a form 4 in Va. and it IS C&R which means we can sell licensee to licensee, regardless of the state. I am a C&R license holder.

$10.5K no offers, no trades.

100% upfront starts the form 4.



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Ok guys there has been a large response to the ad. I want to fair to everyone that responded. I need to go back into my email and check time stamps and see who was first to say I'll take it.

I'll post who was first, then second and third for a backup in case the original buyer changes their mind. 

Give me an hour and I'll post it back here.


Thanks for everyone's response.


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Taylor P. was first to say I'll take it at 1:33pm est

eMgunslinger was second to say I'll take it at 1:36pm est.

Thumpy was third

The cannon can stay here secure at the house inside until the transfer is finished. It can either be shipped by the transport company of your choice and payment or picked up in person (my suggestion)

The last Puteaux I sold was picked up by a guy that came all the way from Washington state!!

If Taylor changes his mind, eMGunslinger has first right of refusal should he decide he's still interested in buying.

I will mark this sold pending funds.


Thank you to everyone.


Bob Leyshion, Jr.

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