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WTS: Transferable Fleming Sear Guns MP5 PDW* 53* Uzi* TSC Machine*


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*Transferable HK MP5N-PDW. Less than 200 rounds fired.  All Work done by HK smith Mike Woodard/TSC Machine. Rare factory HK 3 lug PDW barrel. Transferable Fleming Sear setup in Ambi 3 position pictogram Navy Pack. Factory HK BCG. Outstanding restamp and refinish. Includes 1-15 round and 1-30 round date code mags, but multiple 30 round mags available. 2 different styled factory folding stocks. 
- $41,500

*Transferable HK 53. Unfired. All work done by HK smith Mike Woodard/TSC Machine. Transferable Fleming Sear setup in polymer 3 position 0-1-25 pack. Assembled from demilled HK 53 machine gun. Factory HK A3 collapsible stock. Outstanding restamp and refinish. Two stamp gun (SBR). Includes one date code mag, but multiple others available. 
- $38,000

*Transferable Group Industries Vector Uzi. Like new.  Fires from open bolt, and utilizes all factory Uzi MG parts. 
- $13,500

*Greatly reduced package deal*

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