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WTS - RDIAS (M16) with 2 hosts $36K


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M-16 RDIAS (Registered Drop-In Autosear) - This is a fully transferable M-16 drop in autosear.  This JCB manufactured, all-steel sear can be installed in any compatible M-16 style "host" gun to legally make it a full automatic machinegun.  These are very rare and are highly sought after as the most desirable machine gun conversion component in the NFA world.  .

This sear comes with a "host" Colt AR-15 9 mm Carbine.  The Colt 9 mm Carbine is set up to run as a dedicated 9 mm machine gun.  The barrel on this carbine has been professionally cut to a 10" length and the end of the barrel is threaded for a screw-on suppressor.  The registered autosear is not "married" to this host and it can be legally installed in other AR-15 style "host" guns.
To provide the new owner with another "host" platform I am also including a new stripped AR-15 receiver marked "Property of U.S. GOVT. M4A1 CARBINE".  This receiver is perfectly legal to own since it is a semi auto receiver as sold by Palmetto State Armory (PSA).  This receiver can be built up as a 5.56 (.223 cal) "host" for the drop in autosear.  I am also including a Bushmaster 11.5" barrel machinegun parts kit that can be used with the PSA semi auto receiver and the autosear to provide a 5.56mm machinegun platform.

The auto sear essentially makes whatever "host" it is installed into a legal machinegun.  Once the autosear is moved from the "host" gun you will need to revert the host back into semi auto configuration (no barrel less than 16" long, no full auto selector, full auto hammer or disconnector parts).

This package comes with the Colt 9 mm "host", 5 Colt-marked 9 mm magazines, 5 aftermarket 9 mm magazines, the PSA stripped receiver, the Bushmaster 11.5" machinegun parts kit (5.56) and 2 each 30-round 5.56 magazines (your choice of aluminum or P-Mags).  I have personally run the sear in three different hosts in two calibers.  I used the 9 mm Colt host shown below, the PSA receiver with the 11.5" Bushmaster upper, and another Bushmaster host gun with a 16" HBAR (heavy barrel).  All three "hosts" ran perfectly with the sear installed.  I had no issues at all.

The autosear is registered "on" a Form 3 and will transfer via eForms. There is no transfer tax to your in-state dealer.  I cannot transfer locally so PA sales also must go through your dealer.  PA residents owe 6% tax.  Shipping (lower 48) and insurance included with asking price.

Asking $36K.  No trades at this time.  Thanks for looking and thanks for the boards!

More pictures available at my website:  www.okmachineguns.com


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