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WTS - Swedish K package Form 3 e-File $18K


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Transferable Swedish K - This is a beautiful example of the venerable Carl Gustaf Kulsprutepistol M/45 (Kpist M/45) submachinegun.  The Swedes made this design at the end of WW2 and it was used by many countries including covert use by US Navy Seals and special operators in Vietnam.  With the Swedish name difficult to pronounce - the shortened "Swedish K"  became a common name for the gun.

These machineguns are known for being incredibly reliable, controllable and accurate - all features that endeared them to the men whose lives depended on their gear.  The gun fires at a controllable 600 rounds per minute.  It is very easy to shoot singles and even count the number of rounds you want to shoot with simple trigger control.  

This example is a "tube gun" manufactured prior to 1986 by Wilson.  There are often issues with some of the tube guns so I sent this one to John Andrewski and he completely rebuilt the gun to original specs.  All parts on the gun are Swedish manufacture (indicated with crown markings).  Most variants use the more common Egyptian made Port Said parts.  The Egyptian parts are completely interchangeable with the Swedish parts but it is nice to have the gun set-up with Swedish parts.  During the rebuild Mr. Andrewski repainted the gun.  I had him also refinish and repaint a full set of spares to match the gun.  Many of these spares are original Port Said parts - fully interchangeable on the gun.

The gun is sold with the full set of matching spare parts including the "back piece" / buffer and buffer cap, the barrel sleeve / shroud, the removable magazine guide (with wire "hoop" to secure it to the gun), an extra recoil spring, an extra bolt, and an extra barrel.  I have personally owned and extensively shot a Swedish K for over 15 years and I have not had ANY parts fail.  None.  These spares should provide a lifetime of shooting spares for the new owner.  

The package also includes a total of 5 each 36-round magazines.  Two of these magazines are Swedish manufacture.  The others are Finnish Suomi made magazines (all work great).  You also get a 72-round drum magazine.  Note that this gun has been configured to accept drum magazines by removing the magazine guide.  The 36-round magazines are very easily loaded by hand (no loader required).  I have included a Swedish stripper clip loader with six stripper clips.  When 36 rounds are loaded into the stripper clips it takes just a couple of seconds to fill the magazine using this tool.  A leather magazine pouch is also included.

Other accessories included in the package are a set of night sights in their leather carry case and a brass catcher.  The night sights have lost their tritium glow.  The brass catcher was refinished to match the gun when the gun was rebuilt.  I added moleskin to the contact surfaces on the brass catcher parts to help keep them from possibly scratching the gun finish.

All you need to do is add ammo.  This gun is being sold only because I still have my personal Swedish K.  My personal gun was also rebuilt at the same time as this one and I cannot say enough good things about John Andrewski's work - both of the guns that he did look perfect and they run flawlessly.

The gun is "on" a Form 3 and I e-file the transfer to your dealer.  A suppressor that I recently sold (during this Covid mess) transferred in one (1) day.  There is no transfer tax to your in-state dealer.  I cannot transfer locally so PA sales also must go through your dealer.  PA
residents owe 6% tax.  Shipping (lower 48) and insurance included with the asking price.  No trades at this time.  Thanks for looking and thanks for the boards!

Asking $18000.

More images at my website:  www.okmachineguns.com



Wilson k 28.jpg

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Had what was probably a port Saud, my last two tours in Lebanon was Marine EOD and did tunnel clearance. Removed the  stock  and with the 37 round mag fit perfectly in a demolition bag, four more mags in a pop up flare pouch. Never let me down and didn't  knock me out like a m16a1 did in one of the smaller tunnels (we learned alot by mistake in those days. Would love to buy or own this but I am a poor man at present.  Maybe later.

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Nice package. Thinking about having John refinish mine. Have a pre-May DS all matching. It’s the later version without the cheek sleeve, which I wish it had. John said he’s out of them too. Will come up with something. As far as shooting, I agree completely! Favorite SMG to shoot....enjoy it more than my MP-5! Good luck with your sale...whom ever buys it is getting a treasure!

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