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WTS: 500 Round 7.62x51 Predator Pack & 500 round CF ammo boxes

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  I have 2 of these available currently. They utilize 3.5 feet of Standard Armament ammunition chute which is the perfect length for this application. The chute has a dry film lubricant applied to it (at the SA factory) for better feeding. It has a box end and M60 gun end. The pack itself features 1 inch of padding which surrounds the ammo box. This makes it comfortable when firing.

   We had these ammo boxes made from a large defense manufacturing company that specializes in aircraft parts. They are made from carbon fiber and stainless steel. The interior is made from ultra lightweight molecular polyurethane. It is as slick as soap to ease feeding of the ammunition. The boxes weight just three pounds.

   Testing of this set up. When we initially designed these a few years ago we were contacted by an Officer serving on active duty in the US Army. They requested a unit for testing and that is the priority for sales of the boxes. However, for the last 6 months these have been put through the test. The Officers who are overseeing the testing were kind enough to write us an initial review which I have attached. I am extremely proud of the feedback we received. I will note that I do not know the Officers who requested our product for testing. Their review is genuine and unbiased.

   I have attached several videos of this set up running with both an M240 and M60.



Aaron - Mohnton, Pa







Review letter regarding testing of our box:




Videos of this unit in action:



Fellow Sturm Member Houston Hardin (X-Ray Guns) getting crazy at OFAST. This is a steel ammo box. Same pack and chute:


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