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CCW status in PWC , VA?


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Hello gents,

I've been trying to get out of the f-ing commie,fruitcake liberal, freeko state of VA, but due to the current corona crisis, contrived or not, we're stuck here until we can drive through the Godforsaken state of N.Y. to get home to Maine.

Like some others I carry AR and AK pistols in the truck for any unexpected events.( yes I have a valid CCW). A young fireman I know in PWC mentioned he thought PWC now considered AR and AK pistol platforms to be rifles which would NOT be legal carry.

WTF?? Any truth to this?

Anyone local here in PWC, Va know what the scoop is on these ?

I've searched online to no avail.

Reliable information would be greatly appreciated.


Stuck and miserable in the Commie Kingdom of "Blackface Ralphie" and his band of merry liberal pfags,



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