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Returning a WW2 gun to the family?

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Hello all!

I have a Luger that a family friend took from the German officer he shot.    The gun haunted him and it ended up in our family and now I have it.   I've often wondered - is there any way to try and locate the descendants or family of the soldier who it was issued to and return it to them?  Obviously shipping a handgun to Germany will be a challenge, but if I can find the family perhaps there is a way.

Has anyone run into a good database to locate weapons assignments to WW2 German soldiers?

Any other ideas on what to do with it?   I don't mind keeping it but if there is a higher use or a museum that could use it I'd be happy to donate it.  



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Didn't the Germans have really detail records?  Possibly find a museum that specializes with this type of stuff and call them.  They might be able to give you more direction on figuring out the records.. It would be lot easier to give it or lend it to a museum.

Or.. you can send it to me for disposal.  :)
Luger is definitely one of the items on my bucket list to get.

I hope your family friend feels less haunted now that he doesn't have it in his collection..

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I have known several germans from their time as exchange students. Not one of them had any interest in family/WWII items like medals, porstcards, etc. One 30 year old assured me that he burned every one of grandpap's possessions was was associated with WWII. He was surprised to know that US collectors were very interested in the items he destroyed, even though there was no family connection. This observation along with the difficulty of owning semi auto pistols in germany makes me confident that the Luger is safer and more prized in US hands.

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