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SPF..,,,,,,,PBS-5 suppressor 5.45 for AK74 AKS74U AK105


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*Sold pending funds*

PBS-5   5.45 suppressor.  Last of the

prototypes SDF/ASD designed:

we had 7 prototype designs 6 in 5.45 and 1 in 7.62   For sale is prototype #6  5.45x39mm  adjustable compensation for reducing full-auto muzzle climb.     
* (this prototype differs from #5 that I sold earlier this year with a different baffle stack design that’s more efficient.  The attached Pics here are of #6  that is.  externally the same as #5.)                                                            

       Brief history on these PBS-5’s that we did. about 1995-97 or so I Reverse engineered the size and design from a couple of photos  of an original Russian PBS-5 attaches to an AK74. 
Main changes during mfg were to the muzzle  design and the way the Can was adjustable. 
 The first prototypes 1-4 in 5.45 and the 7.62 went out to  guys in the gun research field over the years.  All Friends.  There was an article in the old  MGN on our 5.45 builds and also in the shotgun news back in the day before the internet went so crazy that it put that kinda stuff outa mass hard copy print production. 
Needing a more experienced suppressor mfg. we contracted with one in Oregon  built the baffle stacks for these from the design we were thinkin about.  A comical angled series of cones, experimenting with precursor wave chambers . At the time I was not a suppressor mfg. and I am still not.....so Milligan is    listed on the can as I contracted the work through him in Oregon. 
The idea was that these prototypes would be adjustable for the angle of the muzzle brake to better control climb. We speculated it was to control the rate of muzzle rise when operating in full auto function.  The adjustment could be fitted to the individual and not just the muzzle reaction from the lands and barrel twist rate among other things and each person tends to fire a weapon a little different. The original Russian pics I was using At the time appeared to have a pressure clamp of some type for  attachment or this possible adjustment (all speculation at that point) but not enough info for a proper R&D on that type so the design on ours is a little different   Prototype 6 has Maybe has had about 500 rounds down it because the only difference between it and #4-5 was the locking lever, muzzle design and baffle stack respectively. The suppressor  is not as quiet as the final production baffle design that was built for us by Elite Iron but this was 20+ year old tech on this one and as I recall when tested It’s right on the good edge of needing hearing protection and still a good can with the.     consideration of how open, loose and loud an ak74 or for that matter all kalashnikovs are.  

This is designed to Attach to the AK74 24mm muzzle, standard russian or bulgarian thread.  Because its a thread-on design, for alignment and correct function the host AK74 front sight base needs to be faced flat. Using a guide rod I have found about 70% or so will screw on and face just fine  

O.A.L.  Approx.  8”

*SPF*.    $600.00   delivered to your FFL/sot in the lower 48

Feel free to email, text or call with         questions 


Steve Hill

SDF mfg.








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