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Lifespan of an M-11? (First Post)


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Given that MAC's are some of the cheapest MG's one can buy, they seem like a pretty good value considering Lage uppers and such. But what if that $7,000 transferrable breaks?

Is there a limit to how long an M10/M11 receiver will last? Is it legal to reweld them or even cut the serial number out and weld the piece to a build?

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Mac 11's are pretty much bullet-proof. I've got aver 5000 rounds of 9mm, .22 and .223 through one.  Had to reweld the backplate twice.

Definately need the Lage uppers. I put a Max15 on mine last year and put 1500+ rds through it since without a hiccup. 30 rd mag dumps? No problem!

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I got the stamp back on mine about 6 months or so and I’ve done close to 12,000 rnds threw it I didn’t like the wear it got from the semi auto trip so I just pulled it out the wear is normal on m10s and m11s I’ve seen about 7 others with the exact same wear I just didn’t like it and figured it’s stupid to put extra wear on the gun when I can just eliminate it entirely. I think most people recommend replacing the buffer pad ever 5-6k rnds that’s probably there biggest failure point on them.

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