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Transfer from Estate to Named Beneficiary


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I really hate to ask, but it's been "a while" since I completed any ATF forms, and with the current situation I'm just preppint to make things easier for my wife if something were to happen to me.

Are both FP cards and Photos required for Form 5 transfers to a Named Beneficiary now?  In the past only Photos were required, but the current Form 5 instructions don't appear to indicate an exception for FP cards.  Can someone please clarify?  Thanks in advance!!


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The term Beneficiary really is only used in a trust situation, but the context seems more like you're talking about a will or transfer from an estate.  If you are speaking of transfer pursuant to a will or intestate estate administration then the proper term is probably Heir.  If that's the case then yes, fingerprint cards and photos needed for Form 5 if it's pursuant to a will.  If it''s going through an estate but not by will then I think it's still a form 4.

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The use of a Form 5 allows the tax free transfer as a named beneficiary (heir or heiress) in a will. The Form 4 (with $200.00 transfer tax) would be used if the transferee is not named in the will or the weapon is purchased from the estate.
beneficiary (noun) · beneficiaries (plural noun)
  1. a person who derives advantage from something, especially a trust, will, or life insurance policy
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