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WTS: NFA Guinn "Bushmaster"; Colt vickers kit w/tripod


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1-Gwinn "Bushmaster"; marked "S.M.G.;  223: excellent condition w/98% original finish; uses AR mags $8.5k offers

2-SOLD C+R 1919A4; Saginaw Gear; 30-06; reparked and pristine, beautiful; SOLD

3-Vickers WWII "PETROL" type water/steam condensing cans; variety of 9 from which to choose; various condition and prices from $75-225; contact me for pics, details

A few cans left.....

4-*Vickers, WWII beautiful steam hoses with fittings; excellent and new; supple red hose w/twist, brass fitting; black hose w/claw fitting; contact for specific pics and details;

A few hoses left....

Call: 802-226-7204; or e-mail: bmg17a1@gmail.com for pics or further info


JC 1919a4-0.jpg


JC Cans-#1A.jpg

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