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Colt SP1 registered receiver


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Hello there, 

I did not know where to post this thread so I went with Retro. I have a lead on a Colt SP1 registered receiver and I am not familiar with the people who did the conversion. 
The conversion was done by: Eldridge Vance Greer. If anyone has any info about these folks please let me know. Also what should I look for when determining whether the conversion was good or not.

Mark Iacovetta


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Mark.  Most recievers nowadays if had any problems they have been corrected.  Plus they can be repaired.  Check the fitment if uppers and.lowers that should be good.  Check the pin holes egging or miss shape.  The most critical is the placement of the sear holes.  You.can use a sear holendrill jig to test it and verify.  I have seen lots if guns where the sear is angled.cockeyed or off a little. Guns still.work.fine so.if looking for a shooter would be fine.

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