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AK 47 Underfolder Conversion


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I am interested in a transferable ak 47. I would prefer a fixed stock variant but if the price is right, i'd consider an underfolder. Is an underfolder to fixed stock conversion ill-advisable ? Would it hurt the value of my gun? I know i can buy an adapter to turn the underfolder to an AR style buffer tube but prefer the AK wood stock look. 


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Well, that depends if its a bring back original or a conversion gun. Original, yes quite a bit. Conversion not much. You have to cut the back off for the wood stock. Not a big deal. I have done this a few times on the norincos to get rid of the thumbhole stocks. I have also opened up the wasr 10s to take 30rd mags. With the right equipment not a difficult job.   However, when you take the folder off your going to have 2 big holes. You can either weld over them and smooth them out or plug them for use later. 

If you plan on keeping it for a long time no big deal. If you plan on selling it in a few yrs leave it alone. A good metal welder can easily do the conversion and bring it back, but it wont be cheap as the gun will have to be refinished everytime you change it. 

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