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WTB: Boys Anti Tank .50 or .55


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As the title states I'm interested in acquiring a Boys Anti Tank Rifle. I currently have a line on one in the original .55 caliber but the condition is a little rough and ammo availability is keeping me from pulling the trigger. If you have a Boys in either .50BMG or the original .55 caliber I would be interested in hearing from you. Also if you have any .55 projectiles that could be used for reloading or know where to source them I would also be interested in hearing from you. Any SA marked examples would be a plus. Thank you for your time.

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Hello, I have a BSA MK1 Boys Anti Tank Rifle, in .50 caliber, and I have the original .55 Barrel, a full can of 8 magazines, 4 different tools, a harmonic muzzle brake and 18 rounds of.55, 15 rounds on strippers, and 3 loose rounds and 3 canvas carrying bags, some live .50 and some blank .50.   Let me know if you might be interested. Leonard   leonard144@verizon.net  410-591-3799

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