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WTS: Sig Sauer 516 10 Inch FULL AUTO Upper Receiver Group

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I have one 10 inch Sig 516 machine gun upper available. This upper came off a factory Sig machine gun as a LE trade-in. The upper is complete with its full auto 516 bolt carrier group, charging handle and set of Sig factory flip up iron sights. These are exceedingly difficult to get a hold of with the full auto carrier as Sig refuses to sell the FA carrier to the general public or dealers. They will only sell select fire parts / guns on an agency purchase order to my knowledge. 


$750 shipped with factory FA carrier

$600 shipped with factory SA carrier

Payment by F&F PayPal or USPS money order.


Please PM me if you would like more detailed photographs. The upper is in very good condition with only minor cosmetic wear/handling from agency use. 

Sig 516 FA Upper.jpg

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Option to buy with semi carrier
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