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AK magazine sale

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PM if interested / shipping 1 or more items $10.00 



7.62x39mm AK, 30-round magazines


2 AK magazines, Chinese maroon plastic, NORINCO marked SOLD


1 AK magazine, Chinese, steel, “stamped” body. $75  SOLD


1 AK magazine, Chinese, steel, Poly Tech, chrome follower 50.00  SOLD


 7 AK magazines Com Bloc, Steel,  $25 each


5 AK magazines, Russian, orange plastic, Tula mfg (star symbol) $55.00 each


3 AK magazines, Russian, orange plastic, Izhevsk mfg (arrow-triangle symbol) $55.00 each


1 AK magazine, Russian, steel slabside early mfg, $100.00


1 AK magazine, Russian plastic for AK-103 model, current mfg $125.00


1 AK magazine, Polish, black plastic 7.62x39 marked $40.00


2 AK magazines, plastic Pro Mag mfg, “waffle” pattern $17.00 each


1 AK magazine, plastic Master Mold mfg, LE marked $15.00


2 AK magazines, East German, steel for .22 caliber AK trainers $20.00 each




7.62x39mm AK, 40-round magazines


3 AK magazines, Russian, orange plastic 40-rd, Molot mfg, $175.00 each


1 AK magazines, Russian, steel 40-rd. $75.00


2 AK magazines, Bulgarian, plastic $25.00 each




7.62x39mm AK, Drum magazines


1- Russian Molot 75-rd drum $175.00


1 Romanian 75-round drum $125.00


1 Chinese 75-round drum, SOLD


1 Chinese 100-round drum $150.00




AK-74 5.45x39mm 30-rd magazines


4- Russian, plum color magazines Izhmash mfg $60 each


2- Russian, orange color magazines Izhmash mfg $60 each


6-East German orange magazines, $50. ea


5-Bulgarian magazines 3-brown, 2-black $30.ea


2- Polish steel magazines $50. Each


1 East German 5.56x45mm (.223) Weiger magazine $75.00




AK-74 5.45x39mm 45-rd magazines


4- Russian, Molot mfg (star inside a shield logo) 45-rd orange plastic magazines $70.00 each 


1 Bulgarian 45-rd orange plastic magazine $125.00


1 75 round drum AK-74 magazine, converted by the Barrelxchange Co $350.00  SOLD PF




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