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As-new DLO 1919A4 Fully-Transferable Package - Tripod, Linker, Links, FORM 3 / eFile

Sienna Armory

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I bought this for myself several months ago but decided it's just not my style and needs a home where someone will enjoy it more than I can appreciate it.

AS-NEW DLO, Mfg. 1919A4 chambered in .30-06 Springfield - this is the complete package for anyone looking for one of these setups!

This gun will include:

  • Israeli MAG-58 tripod with 1919 adapter mount
  • Loader / linker press
  • ~4,000 steel 1919 links

The gun itself is AS-NEW.  The previous owner purchased it directly from DLO, Mfg.  Upon receipt by his SOT, the gun was headspaced & timed, and 50 rounds fired for testing.  The gun was then cleaned, greased, and put on display in his office where it has sat unfired for the last 2 1/2 decades. 

This gun is on a Form 3 in MY inventory and is ready for immediate transfer to your SOT via eForm 3.

Please follow this Google Drive link to view the many HD pictures of the gun package:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yuMJeiK-wD3CVHyNpu48A8SsWcUAUig1

$20,000 SHIPPED to your SOT or Best Offer - ALSO willing to TRADE for other transferable or Pre-86 Dealer Sample machine guns!

CALL or TEXT 281-467-5424 or PM me here.



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