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Lahti L39 20mm Anti-Tank Rifle w/ STUMP MOUNT, Complete Package, Ammo, Extras, C&R Form 3

Sienna Armory

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We have for sale an extremely rare variant of the famous Finnish Lahti L39 20mm anti-tank cannon on a FORM 3 and ready for transfer to your DD SOT or C&R License.

Look closely and you will see the highly-desirable and much sought-after "stump mount", also called a "tree mount" system installed onto this L39 which consists of the mounting system and hydraulic dampeners installed onto the receiver.  This configuration is rarely seen in these guns!  This system was utilized in many Lahti L39's as an anti-aircraft setup once the guns were deemed ineffective and obsolete against late-war armor.

The gun itself is in GORGEOUS condition and has been immaculately maintained and stored in the high-desert of New Mexico.

Additionally, this is the most complete Lahti L39 package that has probably ever been assembled.  Items included with this package:

  • "Coffin" transit crate with inventory list
  • Custom wheeled transport gurney 
  • "Sled" bipod
  • Tow rope with matches
  • Stump / tree mounting system
  • Customer M2HB pintle adapter for stump mount
  • 8x 10rd magazines with cans
  • 2x muzzle brakes with covers
  • Anti-aircraft sight system
  • 2x armorer's kits with dozens of small parts and tools
  • 2x wooden loaders
  • 18x 20mm live rounds
  • 129x 20mm projectiles

Please follow this Google Drive link to view pictures:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xQLRQ8C19fs4ciZDGLUN6_PtBjO-vj5P

This Lahti L39 is available for inspection in Albuquerque, NM by appointment only!  

This is an NFA registered Destructive Device on a Form 3 in our inventory ready for immediate eFile to your DD SOT or C&R License.  We highly advise buyers to acquire their C&R license to facilitate an easy and direct transaction.

Asking price is $25,000 + shipping (freight) - WILL TRADE for Post-86, Pre-86, and/or Transferable machine guns.

We are happy to negotiate a deal for a buyer willing to pick the gun up in person or meet within a reasonable distance from ABQ.

Please CALL ME at 281-467-5424 or PM me here with questions or offers.

Thank you!




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