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MG Blowout Sale $5000 and Up


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Blowing out a lot of MG's to buy some land
M10/45 $6750 incoming form 4

DLO Sten MK2 $7000 form 3 (SPF)

MAS 38 with piles of accessories $9000 Personal gun on form 4 SOLD
Madsen M50 Pre-Sample $4750 on Form 3 SOLD
M10/45 With Suppressor $7000 incoming form 4 SOLD
MK Arms MK760 9mm with box $7000 on Form 3 SOLD
MK Arms MK760 9mm $7000 Form 3 SOLD 

American 180 with lots of accessories and drums $10500 incoming on form 4 SOLD
FNC .223 with S&H sear $13000 Personal Gun on form 4 SOLD

Chinese Type 24 Maxim 7.62x54r Collectors Corner Gun $19000 Personal Gun on Form 4 SOLD
DLO Sterling MK5 with Integral Arms suppressor like new $16000 Personal Gun on Form 4 SOLD

Im here to make deals and move guns so money talks and deposits/layaway are not a problem.

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