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Selling my WWII collection. This is a hard one to let go. My C&R MG42. This is a rarely encountered early slab cocking handled MG42. Bought many years ago from Bob Landis. A true vet bring back combat gun. I am interested in selling it as a package deal . I will not sell any ammo or accessories separately.  I have many accessories that come in this group.   There are thousands of rounds of Romanian steel cased 8mm. I believe around 15 crates, maybe more. An original WWII German Laffette mount. Anti aircraft extension, Several slings. One of them is an original rare tropical sling. . A very nice set of complete original MGZ40 optics with case in original paint. At least 2 complete parts kits and extra bolts. Several basket drums and carriers. Many different belts, 50, 100 and a 300 fortress belt. Many starter tabs. 1 belt loader. Broken shell extractors, extra barrels . Barrel carrier. Bipod mount. Complete NATO conversion kit. I think there is more but that all I can think of now.  Gentlemen, this is a serious grouping . This 42 runs like it should and like nothing else. I will take pics for those that are seriously interested. 60K for everything . All NFA rules apply . C&R. Email .   Vapartsguy@aol.com

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