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WTS: Stemple M76/45 submachine gun pkg SOLD


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Stemple M76/45 submachine gun


John Stemple’s version of the S&W 76 but in .45acp. Like new condition.

Newer MKIII model. Has telescoping " grease gun" style stock and uses standard AR15 pistol grips.  Purchased it new from Stemple. Approximately 300 rounds have been fired through it. Was upgraded to the newest trigger assembly and "grease gun" mag catch. Now uses un-modified M3 "grease gun" magazines. Unlike earlier models, there’s no need to modify mags to work.

 Package - includes M76/45 MKIII submachine gun with original trigger frame assembly, and 8 (30rd) magazines.

On Form 3 to SOT (e-file). Form 4 to SC resident.


Thanks for looking





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