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WTB: PRE-86 Dealer Sample FN MAG-58 / M240

Sienna Armory

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Seeking a PRE-86 Dealer Sample FNH MAG-58 

Let me know what you have available

Willing to trade transferable and / or Pre-86 dealer sample machine guns towards 

Also looking for other Pre-86 Dealer Sample machine guns!

Preferably on a Form 3 and ready to eFile, but open to whatever is out there

PM me here or CALL / TEXT 281-467-5424


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20 hours ago, mike todd said:

these are "PRE MAY" CORRECT?  wow live and learn. I don't  keep up with the modern stuff well , but several RKI's told me they were almost unobtainium. 

They aren’t 240’s. They are MAG-58’s. No papered 240’s that I know of. 

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IN THE 60's , there was a couple groups of MAG-58's that came in country. of course they were ALL transferable.  a dealer I knew had 3 from ISRAEL in 7.62 and 2 others in 7.92 mauser. he "loaned" me one of the 7.92 guns at a MARANA shoot for 2 days and I was hooked! spent the next 40 plus years trying to buy one and really had my heart set on an actual MAG-58 rather than a 240 , because it fit my FN collection better. it seems ALL the early guns have a long list waiting "if anything" ever happens and they NEVER make it to any published offering.  when MANDELLS closed shop in SCOTSDALE , AZ they had ONE pre may 249 and it hammered over $50k and that was b-4 2000 ! I have never looked but wonder how many actual 249 and 240 pre may guns are "out there" honestly?

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