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SPF: M1 Thompson transferable .45 Excellent Condition

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SOLD PENDING FUNDS Beautiful M1 Thompson .45 ACP submachine gun made by Richard William Urich.  Condition is excellent this gun has not been shot much.  Marked US Property Auto-Ordnance Corporation. Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.A.  Comes with original US GI sling, 20 and 30 round mag.  $18,500.  On form 3 for immediate transfer (24 to 48 hours has been my recent turn around time) to ship to FFL / SOT.  Mississippi residents 7% sales tax.  Shipping FedEx 2cd day $150.

49446069326_87c0431fa8_c.jpg49446297212_296fc87fc4_c.jpg49446298362_55e03ecc97_c.jpg49446074761_76a91f1320_c.jpg52A6ECAF-8BF2-4731-A974-33DA2B9E17F0 by Davy Keith, on Flickr49446076211_b628a4c38a_c.jpg49445601953_6a3a204f5e_c.jpg49446304317_36635b1a06_c.jpg49445604833_27968e486e_c.jpg49446082681_4c37059ffb_c.jpg49446084476_1836d35ee8_c.jpg49446311377_2fe3a631a4_c.jpg49445611773_2e631375be_c.jpg49446067456_d615d3fe9a_c.jpg49446314142_734542bee6_c.jpg49446315262_434b2fa845_c.jpg49446316587_ef96545421_c.jpg49445616598_57ec55aed1_c.jpg

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