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WTS Stevens 520-30 US Shotgun


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Selling this Stevens 520-30 US shotgun

has been converted to a bird hunting gun at some point with a 30” barrel - can see vivid markings on the receiver, the p, flaming bomb, “US”, and “Mod 520-30”

Would make a great project gun if you can find an original barrel to piece this relic back together.

Asking a low price of $350

Ship anywhere in the US or meet locally 


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you sure it was converted ? the govt bought tons of all shotguns with normal barrels . they were used in training for AIRIAL GUNNERY  and actually available for hunting use by base members on the larger bases.  normal inspection marks  and acceptance stamps could be and often were present . check the front half for matching serial numbers to the receiver and that will tell all.  no way is the recoil pad original but the rest could be.  cheers mike

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