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SOLD MP40 pre-sample.

SPF Mac 10 9mm transferable. See photos below  

SOLD Gemtech Viper suppressor

SOLD M3A1 Grease Gun pre-sample


MP40  pre 86 sample with original German receiver.   Many matching numbers: receiver, barrel nut, end cap, trigger guard and both side rails of the stock. Bore is shiny. Looks very nice and works as it should.  eForm 3

Check for $8800 with one German magazine, plus shipping. No Credit cards please.

SPF Powder Springs Mac 10 9mm on Form 3 in excellent original condition with original serial numbered box, manual, and front strap. Fired very little. Works perfectly. Includes one magazine.
Ready for immediate transfer.
$7300.00 plus shipping. eForm 3 to your dealer.  Zelle, USPS MO or  personal check (wait to clear) please, no credit cards.
SPF Gemtech Viper 9mm. Form 3.  Looks like it has been fired a few rounds, but in mint condition.
$525 plus shipping

SOLD Excellent condition M3A1 Pre-86 Dealer Sample made by Ithaca in the 50s. Works perfectly, has no dents or significant scratches.

Appears to have seen little use. Includes one 30 round magazine.

In my inventory and will move on an eForm 3.

$10,700.00 plus shipping.


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Sold pending funds
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In the photo of the back of the receiver of the M3A1, The drive rods have been removed. Those two holes are where the ends of the two guide rods fit. This shows the condition of the back of the receiver (an area that can display wear or a crack in the weld)

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12 hours ago, Youlen Enterprises, Inc. said:

What are the holes for in the end of the receiver? Drain Holes for water/debris?

Youlen, please PM me. I tried to PM you but it would not go through. 

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...See the Green mark as SOLD button ..... Click on it when sold as in funds received.

No need to " update " ......  please leave all ad content .... do NOT delete any info .....  

While viewing your ad on your cellphone ... turn it sideways to See the GREEN Mark as SOLD Button.


ps ..... Some cell phones do not show this Green SOLD Icon ...... So use another computer

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