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WTK: Value of WW1 Luger

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Hello, I am thinking about placing an ad to either sell or trade a WW1 Luger that I have. I bought the gun about 15 years ago but don't know too much about it. The guy I bought it from said that it was a Double Date Police Rework. It appears to be all matching except for the mag which is a WW2 fxo coded mag. It is stamped DWM on top and I would say the finish is about 85% or so. The wood grips appear 100% original but they are worn and one panel has a small chip near the bottom. The back of the grip has what looks like the number "11" stamped on it. The bore looks to be in very good condition with strong rifling. I don't know how to post pics but can send them via email or text. Thanks for any information. Take care, Schmeisser Guy

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Your best bet to get the most out of it is to take it to auction. I own an auction house here in South Carolina which am a bit further from you, but I do accept shipment from all over the US. 

However you may be in range of a place called Gunrunner Online Auctions and they do good work as well.



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