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WTS: Rare Group Industries Full Auto Stainless Steel M16A1 Lower


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Hello all,

I've decided to let go a super rare Group Industries M16a1 lower from my collection. What makes this lower unique is that it's made from 17-4ph Stainless Steel. Bomb-Proof lower that will last generations. No need to worry about Kabooms with this lower..... I've run this lower extensively on many different uppers and barrel lengths. It functions flawlessly on 10.5'', 14.5''. 16'', and 20'' inch uppers both suppressed (using an SF RC556) and unsuppressed with a variety of different ammo. I've included a comparison of the difference in weight between this lower and a standard A2 configuration colt lower (both with H2 buffers)..... the GI lower is almost a pound heavier due to being steel. Very few of these GI steel lowers exist. This is one lower that will outlast you...

This isn't my first time selling a FA lower on here so please ask me for references as I'll be happy to provide them. I'm also on GB and I'll be happy to provide buyer ratings/reviews on there as well. I'm the actual owner of this lower and it's on a form 4 in Ann Arbor Michigan. Any potential buyers that want to visit over a weekend and do some shooting with the lower at a range are more than welcome. Bring your own uppres to try them out..... and bring ammo. More pictures available upon request. 

Don't miss your chance to own one!

The price is: $33,000 for the lower shipped with registered mail to your SOT/FFL. No trades or partial trades please. 

Any inquiries can contact me at: blitzertac556@gmail.com










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