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WTB AI AR10 parts


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I have some bad news for you. Expect to pay at least $400 for the AR10 lower parts, and $400-$500 for a nice Portuguese bolt carrier group. And also expect it to take many months to find a seller of those parts.

Now I have some good news. Since you are in Holland you will be able to buy an entire Portuguese AR10 for less than 1000 euros. That cheap gun will have ugly furniture and a barrel that is best used as a tent stake. So you buy the 1000 euro gun and take from it the parts that you need. You will likely be able to sell (to me or another yank) the remaining parts to recoup all of your initial investment.

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Bart, you will discover that AR10 collectors will not sell parts and this would be true in Holland and in the US. This is because these folk spend all sorts of effort turning money into parts and selling parts would be backward. You will have luck with collectors if you are able to trade parts.

Keep looking because a sub 1000 euro AR10 is sold in Holland every now and then.

Also, be aware that the bolt head is a controlled part in Holland. It will not be a simple matter to have one imported legally. Even parting out a rifle must involve a dealer so that the parts can be recorded.

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